Vendor Directory Update & News

9/23/14 – Directory Update – adds 13 vendors to list:
AnyLogic, Ayasdi, Aylien, DataFox, Innovaro, Lumify, mattermark, Panjiva, PlexiNLP, QGIS, Semantic Research, SocioWorks, WhoKnows

Vendors in the News

(DataFox) – Using Artificial Intelligence to Uncover Non-Public Company Data
(Quid) – Journey Through the Brain: MIT Neurotech
(Aylien) – Aylien’s new natural-language add-on lets you analyze (and summarize) text in Google Drive
(IBM Watson) – Mining the Medical Literature Explosion
(Luminoso) – The Best and Worst Airlines — According to Twitter
(Digital Reasoning) – Machine Learning Platform Slices and Dices Human Chatter for Insider Threat Detection

Tools – Analysis of Competing Hypotheses

The Open Source Analysis of Competing Hypotheses Project:

A free, open source tool for complex research problems.

A software companion to a 30+ year-old CIA research methodology, Open Source Analysis of Competing Hypotheses (ACH) will help you think objectively and logically about overwhelming amounts of data and hypotheses. It can also guide research teams toward more productive discussions by identifying the exact points of contention.

Palo Alto Research Center ACH 2.0.5

About this Software

This software was developed by Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) in collaboration with Richards J. Heuer, Jr.It was developed for use by the U.S. Intelligence Community with funding from the Intelligence Community’s Advanced Research and Development Activity (ARDA) and the Office of Naval Research (ONR).

In distributing ACH, PARC is making the presently downloadable version of the program available to the general public at no cost when used for non-commercial or educational purposes subject to the terms and conditions of its end user license.