Tomorrow’s Advance Man – Marc Andreessen’s plan to win the future.

Big profile of @Pmarca in The New Yorker last weekend:

“…I’ve been totally determined to be on the other side of that dynamic by being here, because success in software follows a power-law distribution. It’s not Coke and Pepsi and a bunch of others; it’s winner take all. Second prize is a set of steak knives, and third prize is you’re fired.”  – Marc Andreessen

Every company is becoming a tech/software company these days. What people are ignoring is that software markets have a tendency to become winner-take-all or winner-takes-most markets. Traditional Michael Porter style “competing” doesn’t necessarily transfer.

Mediocristan vs. Extremistan

Vendor Directory Update & News

9/23/14 – Directory Update – adds 13 vendors to list:
AnyLogic, Ayasdi, Aylien, DataFox, Innovaro, Lumify, mattermark, Panjiva, PlexiNLP, QGIS, Semantic Research, SocioWorks, WhoKnows

Vendors in the News

(DataFox) – Using Artificial Intelligence to Uncover Non-Public Company Data
(Quid) – Journey Through the Brain: MIT Neurotech
(Aylien) – Aylien’s new natural-language add-on lets you analyze (and summarize) text in Google Drive
(IBM Watson) – Mining the Medical Literature Explosion
(Luminoso) – The Best and Worst Airlines — According to Twitter
(Digital Reasoning) – Machine Learning Platform Slices and Dices Human Chatter for Insider Threat Detection

Links 3/20/14

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Choices: ‘Why Ethics Are My Top Priority’ – How Heath Gross, a former counterintelligence agent, used his military skills to build a successful — and ethical — company   AmEx OpenForum

Sentiment Analysis Innovation Sources  Breakthrough Analysis

Popular Science – In the Internet era, research moves from professionals’ labs to amateurs’ homes   Harvard Magazine

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